Timed Intercourse

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What Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

“Timed intercourse” means ensuring that you are having sex around the time of ovulation, ensuring the best possible chance of becoming pregnant.

While many intended parents use this method at home, estimating when they are ovulating by timing it against their menstruation cycle, at Fertility Clinic Americas we can provide you with the hard data of your ovulation dates by performing ovarian ultrasounds to detect the growth of ovary follicles, indicating ovulation.

If you know exactly when ovulation is occurring, rather than just guessing by the calendar, then you stand a far better chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. After all, it’s possible your fertility issues are just rooted in bad timing.

This timed intercourse treatment is recommended mainly for young couples under the age of 35 that are having problems conceiving naturally, and would like to increase their chances of pregnancy without extensive treatments. Additionally, this can be used in tandem with other fertility treatments that we offer.

Timed Intercourse

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