Thrombophilia Support

helping prevent the loss of pregnancy

How Can ThrombophiliaAffect My Pregnancy?

Thrombophilia, also known as hypercoagulability, can adversely affect fertility.

There are a wide series of hereditary or acquired conditions that can alter the way the blood in the body clots, either causing it to clot poorly or clot far too easily. Either of these can cause repeated pregnancy loss.

At Fertility Clinic Americas we provide specialist support for people with different forms of thrombophilia giving you the best possible chance at a successful pregnancy, utilizing both highly trained specialists and a full range of fertility treatments to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy, support you throughout the process, and advise you on how to proceed with your specific condition in mind.

If you’ve suffered from the repeated loss of pregnancies before, then Thrombophilia could be a factor that’s worth looking in to.

Thrombophilia Support

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