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Hysteroscopy Procedures

A hysteroscopy is a relatively simple procedure that uses an instrument called a hysteroscope to image the inside of the uterine cavity.

This allows the specialist to detect and identify any potential issues or abnormalities, which allows us to more accurately determine which treatments you would benefit from.


Laparoscopy Procedures

A laparoscopy is a type of keyhole surgery for women whose immediate fertility issues can be solved by surgical intervention.

These include fibroids, ovarian cysts, hydrosalpinx, and a range of other issues. This kind of surgery is preferable to conventional surgery for many reasons, but the main ones are a drastically reduced recovery time and increased patient comfort. Additionally, due to the small size of the incision, only minor scarring can be expected.

Other Services

Gynecological Care

It is of utmost importance to maintain adequate gynecological and reproductive health since many diseases – such as poorly treated vaginal infections – can adversely affect your fertility.

We provide a full set of gynecological consultation services.


Prenatal Care

We understand how important it is to have total control of your pregnancy, including if you want to have a healthy baby at home.

We provide a close watch from the positive pregnancy test all the way through to the birth, and specialise in handling couples with a repeated loss of gestation (i.e. two or more pregnancy losses).

Other Services

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