In Vitro Fertilization

To ensure embryo suitability

USA-Standard IVF Technology

IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization (In-Vitro meaning “in glass”) is a complex technique where an egg is fertilized in a laboratory, and three to five days later is then transferred into the uterus using a catheter.

The sperm used has been submitted to ICSI/PICSI procedure to ensure their suitability for treatment, and can be performed via the traditional method by intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI). This IVF service is recommended for couples that have had several rounds of IVF without success, those with obstructed or absent fallopian tubes, or people with endometriosis.

Before an embryo can attach to the wall of the womb, it has to hatch from its outer protective layer. Assisted Hatching is a complementary technique to IVF/ICSI where a small hole is opened in the embryo membrane to weaken it, improving the chances of the embryo hatching and resulting in fewer failed implantations.


How Can IVF Help Me?

IVF is an umbrella term covering a highly adaptable series of treatments that can be used to help alleviate a variety of isses that you might be facing if you’re trying to conceive. If you’ve had previous IVF/ICSI treatments that have failed, have embryos prone to failure, or have devitrified embryos due to storage then this IVF service is ideal.

In-vitro Fertilization

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