Fertility Preservation

Safe Egg and Sperm Storage

Is Fertility Preservation right for me?

Here at Fertility Clinic Americas we offer specialist fertility preservation treatment so having control over when you want to become a parent is now possible.

It might not be in your plans right now, but if you know it’s something you want in the future then you can choose to preserve your eggs or sperm to guarantee their quality despite the passage of time. Egg and sperm preservation is a safe, regularly-used procedure that leaves you in complete control of when you have a child.

The procedure differs slightly between men and women, but generally involves taking a course of fertility drugs for a set amount of time before the egg or sperm samples are extracted and stored in a state-of-the-art freezing facility.

This option is also suitable for men and women who are going to undergo any surgery or chemotherapy that may affect their future fertility.

Additionally, it is well known that egg quality deteriorates as you grow older, so for people who may wish to have children later in life this is an ideal treatment.

Fertility Clinic Americas possess the fertility preservation facilities, experience, and compassion needed to reassure you that we should be your first choice for this process.

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