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How the Artificial Insemination
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Artificial Insemination is a technique of assisted reproduction that consists of giving medications that stimulate the growth of between one and three follicles in the ovaries.

This promotes ovulation, which allows a semen sample to be deposited in the womb via soft catheter. It is a form of in-vivo fertilization, where embryo creation occurs inside the womb rather than in a laboratory.

The semen sample is enhanced via capacitation, a process that would usually naturally happen in the uterus – changes to the sperm membrane give it the best chance of penetrating the outer layer of the egg, and chemical changes in the tail allow for greater mobility. Combined with a course of fertility medications that promote the growth of ovarian follicles, this technique massively increases the chances of a successful pregnancy.

This artificial insemination technique is most suitable for young couples with mild fertility problems such as a decreased sperm count or sexual dysfunction, and can be used in conjunction with many of our other fertility treatment courses.

Artificial Insemination

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